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Design and manufacture of electronic scoreboards and LED digital displays
Bespoke electronic design | Digital signage for schools, shops, businesses etc

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Technical Terms

Proto Electronics appreciates that the average buyer of our systems is not likely  to be technically proficient in the jargon and the technologies specific to the manufacture of electronic scoreboards. Unfortunately though the operation of the scoreboards is purely technical and their performance is impacted by many external variables which need to be understood and specified. This can impact on the type of product used as well as the life expectancy of the product. The more knowledge we have, the better the understanding and the less the risks.

Proto Electronics does not warrant that the scoreboards are fit for every application and environment. Please specify and discuss the application with as much detail as possible so that we can help you to chose the most suitable product for your requirements and installation. We will advise you of the known risks of your intended application.

The displays

Each RGB LED cluster is one pixel (dot) of the overall display. The spacing of the pixels determines the resolution of the image. Images can have a low resolution for far viewing distances but closer viewing requires higher resolution (closer spacing) of the pixels. Closer spaced pixels require more leds for the same size image and more leds means higher power consumption.

Legibility is dependent upon the viewing distance, the angle, the brightness of the environment, any covering that may be used, the size and resolution of the digits. It is important to consider the legibility when ordering a board.

Radio range
Radio range (in metres) is dependent upon the installation and the environmental conditions including radio interference. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any range and the range may vary depending upon the factors mentioned. We use high power transmitters and sensitive receivers but this still may not result in the required range.

We manufacture indoor and outdoor boards and these have different specifications regarding the power consumption, brightness, ingress protection etc. The electronics are designed to operate in benign environments and we cannot guarantee the operation of the products in any environment. It is very important to specify the installation location that we can suggest a product most suitable for the application. Examples of harsh environments are saunas, indoor pools etc.

The electronics are designed to operate under the specified conditions. Even for our outdoor systems, extreme weather events can cause water to enter the system. Installation of the systems should provide drainage for any water that can enter the systems.

The installation of the scoreboard always impacts on the design. For example a wall-mounted scoreboard needs front-access for maintenance and outdoor displays need to account for ingress protection,wind-loading etc. An engineer may be needed to design suitable structures, depending on your local regulations. Power supply will be needed at the installation point.   

All our prices exclude shipping and our warranty is a return-to-base warranty. Installed products are not easy to un-install and you may need to budget for any  costs associated with this.

Some of our systems are battery operated. Batteries have finite numbers of charge-discharge cycles, and a finite capacity. Larger batteries are more expensive and heavy but will keep the display powered for longer. The more intense the display the more power the battery consumes and the less time it will last. Batteries take time to recharge too and teh higher the capacity, the longer the re-charge times.

Power supply
The power supply to the scoreboards needs to be protected from any power supply fluctuations and needs to be able to provide the required voltages and power (Watts). Generally the larger the board and the brighter the image, the more power consumed. 

Scoring system
The scoring system is provided as standard. Any custom features need to be specified in detail and custom software developed. This is not included in the standard pricing.

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