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FAQ’s and Technical Support

Q. What is Display Resolution and Pixel Pitch?
A. When we think about display resolution we commonly think about TV or computer monitors which define the resolution as the number of “dots”, known as pixels counted horizontally and vertically. The Proto Scoreboards are defined in the same way. Pixel pitch on the other hand is defined differently, for example on a modern smart phone, pixel pitch is typically specified as dots per Inch (DPI), the higher the number the better the detail. Proto on the other hand defined pixel pitch as the number of mm between each LED pixel preceded by the letter P. Using this nomenclature the higher the number the lower the resolution, so a P10 scoreboard for example will have a sharper image than a P16.
Q. How waterproof are the displays
A. The weather proofing is model dependent, an indoor product should never be used in an outdoor location. The outdoor models are designed to work under rain and incorporate both a water resistant seal around the LED modules and a water resistant conformal coating over the electronic controller, this ensures a long life even under years of wet weather. In addition our newer scoreboards are manufactured using aluminium cabinets, which don’t rust. The remote control units are not water tight and should be stored indoors.
Q. We have a noisy stadium, how loud is the hooter?
A. The standard hooter we use can generate a sound up to 110dB, right next to the sound exit location. In some locations a higher sound level maybe needed we can offer an upgrade kit which includes an air horn and extra power supply. These air horns also allow the sound direction to be orientated for optimal performance. If you would like this option please contact us, (03) 365 3366.
Q. What is the power consumption of your scoreboard, what wiring is needed?
A. All indoor and outdoor scoreboards include an internal power supply that powers both the scoreboard itself and also provides downstream power for any external shot clocks and bench controllers. The wiring must be installed by a licensed electrician as the unit is directly wired into the installation, an external switch should also be fitted. The cable should be single phase 230VAC rated for at least 15A, in addition a class D circuit breaker should be used since the scoreboards present a capacitive transient load at switch on. Smaller indoor products including the portable water polo units are supplied with a standard 3 pin NZ plug and do not need any special wiring or circuit breakers. In order to program the integrated graphics (media) card a direct ethernet connection is needed, the installer should install a RJ45 patch cable to the scoreboard as well.
Q. What is the range of the remotes, how can I improve range?
A. The handheld wireless remote, in a standard configuration will provide a range of approximately 50-100m, this will cover a majority of the area of a typical rugby field. If you have difficulty achieving full range, try the following; 1. Orient the remote so that it points vertically rather than horizontally. 2. Ensure the aerial on the scoreboard is not covered in any metal work or grills, ideally the aerial should be mounted on the top of the scoreboard. 3. The unit uses the UHF 433.92MHz band for transmission ensure no devices are nearby, some entry level wireless devices such as mobile radios, car remotes and garage door openers also use this frequency if they are used at the same time they can interfere with scoreboard operation. 4. Changing the transmission channel in some cases can also help if the venue has multiple scoreboards. To change the channel remove the battery cover on the remote and rotate the encoder to a different channel. The receiver must also be set to the same channel open the back panel and locate the small red board which has a channel selector on it. Older remote controls have two adjustments encoder set the BL one to the required channel and level the AL pointing to 0.
Q. What is the viewing distance?
A. The indoor products have a typical viewing distance of around 50m away outdoor scoreboards are viewable from around 100m away.
Q. What warranty and after sales support is offered?
A. The standard warranty on most products is 12 months however we support units well in excess of this, one advantage derived from manufacturing our own parts is that we have the in house experience and knowledge to diagnose faults, even if they are several years old.
Q. Can modifications be made to the game rules or scoring systems?
A. Many of our scoreboards offer the ability to customise many of the scoring functions. For example if you wish to change the time of a game period, the team names, whether or not to sound a siren at the end of the period; these are all possible. On some occasions a world sports federations may change particular aspects of the same such as the number of point or timing allocated to a particular aspect of a game. If these changes occur after you have purchased our product we do support user upgradable software. Simply email us for a software update save to a USB flash drive install into the scoreboard and the internal software will automatically update to the new version.
Q. How do I configure Advertising of my scoreboard?
A. Advertising and multimedia is a standard function of the latest range of Proto Electronics Scoreboards. In addition the scoring module an additional graphics card allows a preprogramed full colour slide show up to 4 mins to be saved into internal memory. To invoke the slide show simply press the Media/Clock button on the bench controller or the Slide Show button on the wireless remote.

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