Waterpolo - Proto


We have waterpolo scoreboards in a range of existing sizes (all in cm)

  • 128×48
  • 94×64
  • 192×96
  • 160×80

The boards can be controlled by handheld remotes or by our desktop android tablet system. The boards have a maximum of 4 configurable game settings and can display:

  • Team Names
  • Game Time and quarter number
  • Possession time
  • Scores
  • Time-outs

The boards can be equipped with external shotclocks and slave boards which display a sub-set of the information.

The scoreboards can be re-configured to function as an electronic kick-out board.

Existing customers include NZWP, North Harbour Water Polo, Hibiscus Coast Waterpolo, Waitakere Waterpolo, Rotorua Waterpolo, St Cuthberts school, Canterbury Waterpolo, Marlborough Waterpolo